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Ingredients:  Garlic oil macerate (170 mg per capsule), Mistletoe oil macerate (60mg per capsule), Hawthorn oil macerate (60mg per capsule), Glycerol, Vitamin E (10iU per capsule), Gelatin. Nutritional Information.  Typical values per capsule: energy 3.05kcal (12.66kj), Protein 84mg, fat 293mg, Vitamin E 10iU (70% RDA).

Garlic OliveLeaf Hawthorn
Garlic with Oliveleaf, Hawthorn and Vitamin E. A blend of natural extracts and Vitamin E for use as a food supplement. 

Specially formulated as an envigorating food supplement to help maintain a healthy lifestyle which may be beneficial for good circulation to the heart. 

Odourless and sugar free - suitable for diabetics.

Manufacturer:  Bional
Quantity:  100 capsules

Price:  £7.95