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Olive Body Lotion
Moisturising body lotion with Dictamelia, Vanilla & Aloe Vera

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About Bioselect
Bioselect is a unique selection of high quality natural cosmetics, uniquely blended to provide completely pure care and protection applications for the hair and skin.

The inspiration for their creation came from an old Cretan remedy made up from DICTAMO and OLIVE OIL, and used in ancient times to soothe, and protect the skin from inflammation, and, thanks to its anti-microbial properties, helped to sterilise and heal wounds and abrasions.

After an intensive programme of research and tests, we created " DICTAMELIA " – an extract of the plant DICTAMO, combined and infused with extra virgin olive oil from organic agriculture, which ensures the purity of the product and the complete absence of pesticides and chemical fertiliser residues.

Olive Oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamins (mainly A & E), nourishes the skin and helps reinforce skin suppleness and toning. " DICTAMO " – a unique and native plant, growing only on the higher regions of the Cretan landscape, is a panacea plant which has been known throughout time on Crete for the beneficial attributes it contains for general health and skincare.

It is harvested when most vigorous, during the growing season, and when it is most rich in essential oils and other valuable components.

" DICTAMELIA " – is not just a simple blend, but is a unique infusion of ingredients whose synergies promote and enhance the beneficial properties of these " Gifts from Greek nature " for our beauty and well being. Each one of our cosmetic products is enriched with selected natural active ingredients (organically produced wherever possible) and dedicated to a specialist beauty or health care treatment.

Our products are free from synthetic raw materials; petroleum derivatives, hazardous chemical preservatives and synthetic fragrances – and all conform to the guidelines of European Organic Certification Organisations for cosmetic products.

Manufacturer:  Bioselect
Quantity:  200ml / 6.6 fl oz

Price:  £7.50