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Ingredients:  Sodium Palmate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Aloe barbadensis (Organic), Cananga odorata, Pogostemom cablin, E141 Chlorophyllin-copper complex (natural colour), Glycerin (Vegetable origin), Sodium chloride, Sodium citrate, Linalool, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Farnesol

Chocolate Soap

Chocolate Soap contains flavonoids which have anti-oxidant properties. These can help to protect against free radicals which can accelerate the ageing process. In addition, chocolate contains both Seratonin and Phenylethylamine, two 'feel good' factors that are naturally released when we're happy and at peace with ourselves. It is said that the aroma of chocolate brings to mind pleasurable images. When washing with Organic Chocolate Soap, the sweet aroma of our organic chocolate is released and your heightened senses pick up on this uplifting sensory delight. Suitable for All Adults and Children.

Words about Faith products' purity

The detergent used in all Faith in Nature bubbly products such as shampoos, foam baths & shower gels, hand wash and Clear Spring Washing Up Liquid, is made from a vegetable base. The detergent is Ammonium laureth sulphate. In order to protect your skin from harsh chemicals we have made this choice of detergent.

The 'techy' bit about it is that the molecule size is quite large. Larger than the maximum size that can pass through the skin barrier. It is therefore not absorbed by the body and cannot build up in tissue within the body. It is also much less irritant than the more usual Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) used in the majority of shampoos.

Commercial washing up liquids can often be quite harsh. They can cause dermatitis and skin reactions such as excessive dryness and cracking of the skin. For people suffering such problems Clear Spring Washing Up Liquid can often be a great choice. Customers have told us they can use Clear Spring Washing Up Liquid where other liquids cause their skin to crack and bleed.

Manufacturer:  Faith in Nature
Quantity:  100g Bar

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